Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ride with the Toddler

I am very pleased Belle had so much extra energy earlier.  She pulled her car down toward the driveway, climbed inside and readied herself for a drive.  While walking to the park in our complex, I noticed a Radio Flyer tricycle, two Mickey Mouse scooters and two Fisher Price rides that remind me of Big Wheels but aren't with "FREE" notes pasted onto them.  It took several trips to walk all of this home but we made it.  We also brought home a short shelving unit on wheels.  I might stick this in a bathroom or kitchen.

These rides join another Radio Flyer tricycle I found on the curb a couple weeks ago.  That tricycle is a pink and purple girls model, fully intact and in need of cleaning.  Belle will use this once her legs are long enough.  We will surely pass along the boys version we found today.  Whomever we give it to will probably be savvy enough to clean it, locate spare streamers for one handle and replace the missing trunk cover.  We are keeping both Mickey Mouse scooters, the one with the severely scratched decal serving as spare parts in case the nearly pristine scooter needs it.  We are also keeping both Fisher Price rides for those days preschool age Belle brings a playmate.


  1. wow, where are you finding these? that's crazy luck.

  2. I found them up the street, further in the complex. The grand kids outgrew it!