Friday, June 14, 2013

My little swimmer

Belle and I enjoyed Fleetwood Mask, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, at Crab Cove tonight.  We arrived late and left early.  In between, we devoured a delicious hot fudge milkshake from Fosters Freeze and homemade fudge brownies for sale at the concert.  We met moms and toddlers we know from La Leche League meetings, as well as people we know from our church.  Then Belle darted into the water fully dressed and ate sand.  Did I mention the bacteria levels in the beach water were positive for "swimmer's itch?"

I didn't have a towel for her, nor a change of clothes.  I stripped Belle down to a soggy diaper, changed her into a clean diaper (with Belle clinging to me in a hugging position) and wrapped her in a ring sling.  We left the concert covered in sand, with Belle's wet clothes tucked under the hood of her car.  We ran into more live music in a parking lot on the way home, where people we knew were gathered.  Belle, naked except for a diaper, warmed with my body heat and actually danced until I realized the grungy electric guitars were too loud for her virgin ears.  Walking home, we met a woman I spent many a night swapping boozy stories with in my social life before Belle.  We had a nice time.

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