Friday, August 16, 2013

6 Miles

Belle and I walked six miles yesterday, with me wearing Belle for four of those miles.  I dared sit down after we came home, inspiring Belle to slap me.  I spent the rest of the evening sitting or standing upright with my eyes open.  At the end of the night, Belle, showing mercy, rubbed solid perfume between her hands and anointed my face and neck.

We made a round trip food run in three of those miles.  We brought home three bananas, ten pears, several new potatoes, four onions, one bunch of celery, two carrots, one pack of bacon, two pounds of donuts and berry strudel and four loaves of bread.  I froze half the strudel and two loaves of bread.  I put the rest in the bread bin for our immediate use.

We took a round trip nature walk with the last three miles.  I opted to push Belle in the bobby car rather than wear her.  Belle, suddenly sleepy, signed for milk until the rolling motion lured her to sleep.  She spent the rest of her afternoon nap in my arms once we reached the water and I could sit down with her.  Belle soon woke up and started being mischievous again.  We came home with torn flesh from playing in the wild blackberry patch.

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