Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Belle and I honored the Blue Moon with spicy cauliflower saute over rice.  Cauliflower is associated with the Moon.  Of course Belle didn't eat any.  She handed me a package of vermicelli noodles and waited impatiently until I opened them.  Since I was already at the stove, I recovered most of the dry noodles from the floor and boiled them.  Belle happily ate cool, unsalted noodles while I ate my warmly spiced dinner.  When she proudly piled her bland noodles atop my food, I just mixed them in with mine before sneaking off to grab more seasoning.

Belle ate nearly an entire package of vermicelli noodles.  She handed me a jar of sweet potatoes to open for her afterwards.  My experiment worked!  I removed every jar of fruit from Belle's cabinet and replaced them with vegetables.  Belle seemed stumped a moment but still found something that looked appealing.  She handed me a jar of sweet potatoes and I handed her a spoon.  Belle uttered an "Mmm."  She had stopped eating vegetables when the fruit proved a distraction.  Last night she actually enjoyed eating a vegetable, which pleased me.

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