Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun Friday and Saturday

Belle and I accepted an invitation to a concert inside a private home last Friday evening.  I drank lots of wine and stained my dress.  Belle enjoyed the company of two other toddlers.  They played the piano.  We came home and crashed immediately because we were so tired from having so much fun.

We still rose early enough to make a coffee and food run this morning.  I left Belle playing with a five year old girl and her grandma while I shopped.  Belle found me just in time to chose her own bagels, which she tore into immediately.  Belle ate from two jam filled pastries and some cheese later on at home.

I have added sharp cheddar cheese back into Belle's diet.  She currently enjoys bread, cereal (dry or with milk), fruit and cheese.  I offer her oats, rice, assorted vegetables, beans, meat, fish and eggs, which are all eaten to a lesser extent.  I appreciated her efforts to eat frozen spinach and frozen orange juice, both straight from the freezer.

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