Sunday, August 18, 2013


Belle and I walked down to the nursery to see the several hundred pound pumpkin.  A hunkering for coffee (and an open mind) led us into a doughnut shop along the way.  We were given two doughnut holes along with my coffee (self-serve, cream kept in a metal pitcher behind the counter and sugar dispensed from a re-purposed glass soft drink bottle with a hole drilled in the metal lid).  I only gave Belle half a doughnut hole because she'd already eaten berry strudel with breakfast.  She didn't seem to mind.  The smoothness of the coffee gave way to the usual caffeine and sugar high.

The pumpkin proved impressive, with giant green leaves and random cherry tomatoes growing near.  I ate two sun warmed tomatoes straight off the vine, mine and Belle's (Belle doesn't eat tomatoes just yet.).  I also picked a few apples from a tree.  Belle took a bite of an apple, noticed a cat and ran to pet him.  Belle petted the cat for a long while, pausing to get my reaction and my approval.  The cat also took turns looking at me.  I just sat back and watched, only intervening when it became clear the cat wanted to move on.  Belle finally accepted she couldn't chase the cat and had to leave with me.

We walked down to the ferry terminal.  With the barrels of wine from the adjacent winery in full view, and the sailboats drifting along the water, I felt quite abundant.  I realized, when the ferry full of passengers pulled in, that my figurative ship had come in.  A walk along the public shore revealed another sign, an anchor, a symbol I keep seeing in my Lenormand card readings.  I pulled an apple I'd just picked from the nursery out my pocket, prayed into it and left it at the anchor as an offering.

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