Sunday, August 4, 2013

Food choices

Belle loved the banana chocolate chip muffins we brought home yesterday.  She also loves apple banana puree and banana puree.  Belle does not love fresh or frozen bananas, at least not in present moment.  Belle only cries for me to hand her a banana so she can throw it out for me.  If she doesn't like it, I shouldn't eat it. I mentioned this to an acquaintance, a woman over seventy who raised two boys.  She tried to pinpoint exactly why Belle doesn't eat bananas that look, smell and taste like bananas.  Who knows?

I related the story of how Belle ate four jars of fruit puree in one day before purposely spilling a jar of carrots onto the floor.  The woman suggested I add basil to flavor the carrots.  Great!  Belle probably realized carrots weren't fruit and treated them accordingly.  Basil wouldn't have solved anything in that moment.  Maybe Belle might like carrots tomorrow, with or without flavor enhancements.  She might like bananas too.  I am not forcing her to like or eating anything she doesn't want.

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