Friday, August 23, 2013


Tonight I found the jinx and I destroyed it.  I noticed the drawers of a nightstand where I keep my journals off track.  I spent the better part of an hour working feverishly to release these drawers.  Belle even offered help.  I finally stuck my hand under the bottom drawer and retrieved half a folder of poetry from the tracks.  When the drawers still wouldn't budge, I shined a light between them to reveal the other half of the folder and other papers.  I yanked the bottom drawer until I heard the snap that signaled its release.  I cleared the obstructed tracks, reset the drawers and organized my writing.

A white paper folded in half fell from one of the journals.  Surprisingly, it pertained to a psychic reading I had about an ex back in 2008.  The pink rose represented me and the blue rose represented him.  There were arrows linking the roses, me to him and him to me.  The roses and the arrows were likely colored in by me, per the prompting of the psychic to better facilitate the reading.  We'd been linked on paper for five whole years, despite being broken up all that time.  All the good (and bad) coming my way had to meet him first.  I'd ended things so abruptly back then that he probably still holds a grudge.  Needless to say, I burned the jink, adding red pepper and salt as it burned.  I smoked myself with it to clear myself of any residual energies.  I flushed the cooled ashes down the toilet.  I will not look back.

The jinx reading from Madame Nadia:  Stork, Scythe/Heart, Child/Clover, Mountain (enemy), Bouquet

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