Thursday, August 1, 2013


Belle signed "eating" before motioning to be let down from my bed to the floor.  She disappeared into the hall as I disappeared into the bathroom.  The familiar sound of a cabinet opening let me know Belle had gone downstairs.  Belle soon returned with a jar of an apple and blueberry puree.  She shook the jar to get me to unscrew the lid, which I did.  Belle drank the fruit straight from the jar.  She handed me the empty jar and went back downstairs.  Belle made four baby food runs, slurping nearly twelve ounces of fruit in total.  I vetoed the fourth jar and let Belle burn those three jars off in the park.

Belle's cabinet holds many jars of commercially produced purees.  I have  mixed the jars around so Belle will get a vegetable sometimes.  I have also made the toddler meals more visible.  Tonight I blended half a jar of sweet peas and creamed spinach with two large eggs, sea salt and nutmeg and made a lovely dinner that Belle wouldn't eat.  Belle isn't crazy about eggs just yet.  She did eat some potato before asking to be let down onto a floor littered with dry cereal.  We probably ate half a box of dry cereal tonight, along with a small bag of grapes.  Where is Belle storing all this food she is suddenly eating?  

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