Friday, August 30, 2013

Space clearing

I seriously committed to vacuuming this week.  I vacuumed daily, often several times daily.  I even replaced my broom with the "Bare Floor" feature.  Now this means Belle will tag the vacuum cleaner with her scribble, which I discovered this morning.  The vacuum is very attractive to Belle.  This beats her picking through the broom and licking the dust pan, both of which I find filthy and disgusting.

I moved both my rocker and Belle's rocker, my childhood rocker, into my room upstairs.  Moving the rockers allowed me to keep the extra love seat downstairs.  I also erected the book shelves downstairs.  With only three out of the eight wooden pegs that connect the shelves within reach, I substituted sawed off pencil pieces and a broken crayola for the rest.  The living and dining area finally looks and feels right.

I added the books on poetry, relationships and sex back into my room. Now I need to clean off the tops of the chest of drawers, dresser and bathroom counter.  Belle doesn't know what to make of my cleaning.  Sometimes she grabs a wash cloth and starts wiping the walls.  Sometimes she eats a crumbly muffin in a space I have just vacuumed.  We are cleaning house steadily though and enjoying it.

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