Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Along came Polly

We are now a two cat, single parent household.  Denise listed Polly on Freecycle one day after Suzanne listed Chris (now called Krishna).  Polly had been found abandoned and injured in her carrier by one of Denise's students.  Now fully healed, but with a partially amputated tail, Polly needed a permanent home.  I ignored the plea initially because we had just taken Krishna in.  Polly's story stayed with me.  Strangely enough, no one on Freecycle answered the listing of this cat on offer in the six days after the offer was made.  I made inquiries when I didn't see any followup messages listing the cat as claimed.  I quickly followed my instincts and had Polly and her food and things delivered last night.

Polly is a tabby cat, like Krishna.  Krishna is six human years old.  Polly is between two and four human years old.  Both cats are fixed!  Polly has been in hiding under the love seat since Denise left.  Krishna has finally emerged from under my bed, his preferred spot.  I went downstairs long enough to witness Krishna peering under the couch at Polly.  Denise gave me three varieties of dry food for Polly, including several cans of wet food.  I mixed in what Denise says is Polly's favorite dry food with the brand of dry food omy friend brought in abundance for Krishna.  Denise also left Polly's litter box intact, poop removed, so she has an easier transition.  Here's to a peaceful coexistence all around!

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