Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melted crayons are awesome!

Tonight we melted Belle's bucket of broken crayons down to twenty-four solid round colors.  I lined muffin pans with cupcake cups, filled them with broken bits and melted them in the oven.  The liquid wax cooled into solids resembling peanut butter cups of varied hues.  Belle's instincts led her to take a bite.  She eventually realised these were for rubbing on paper and followed suit.  This doesn't mean Belle enjoyed the experience.  I had more fun coloring than she did.  These round colors mimic those scented finger paints we loved to death.  I am finding them easier to blend than singular, traditional stick crayons.  I can find so many colors in each solid.  It all depends how I hold and apply them.  Now I need more broken crayons so I can create more unique combinations.

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