Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am Polly and Polly is me.

I feel I have finally made this house a home.  Alameda is the perfect spot for me.  Unfortunately,  I met too many angry, hurt men at the bars on my initial quest for acceptance in my new environment.  I had a home, an education and a future, which slapped the faces of most single men I met in my early years in Alameda.  Many men I came in contact with found it easier to brush me off, call me crazy and defend their turf, like Krishna did this morning when he first became aware of Polly.  I eventually felt as fearful as Polly does right now, hiding in a new house from hissing, territorial males.  The women  I kept in touch with on either side of my family weren't helpful when I turned to them for moral support.  No one had ever given them anything after all.  I found myself all alone and very scared without anyone to relate to.  Of course I reached out to the wrong man, fell pregnant and am now going it alone with a toddler, two cats and a home I am finally making my own!

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