Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life with meow

I am curled up on the love seat with a sleeping Polly.  I treasure these rare moments with her.  I can't be near Polly for very long when Belle is awake.  Belle thinks she knows how to care for Polly, even down to brushing.  Belle moves my hand away when I try and touch Polly.  Then she aggressively kneads, lifts and massages Polly until the cat runs and hides under the love seat (at best), or in her covered litter box (at worst).

I left Belle sleeping upstairs with Krishna while I am downstairs with Polly.  Belle is my sweet little pill.  Krishna is a furry creep who lives under my bed.  I had to move his bowls and his litter box upstairs because Polly literally scares him shitless.  Polly still hasn't ventured upstairs.  I bet she would if I moved her bowls and box upstairs.  She and the creep would be forced to get along.  Until then, I have an upstairs cat, a downstairs cat and a toddler everyone runs and hides from.

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