Thursday, March 27, 2014

What would happen if...?.

Belle and I make a food run most Thursdays.  I aim for a low key Wednesday evening to accommodate an early Thursday morning.  Belle fell asleep before seven-thirty last night.  She stayed asleep exactly three hours.  She woke up when I got up to refrigerate leftovers.  Belle stayed awake until two this morning, making an early morning impossible.  I woke up at six-thirty, cleaned Polly's litter box and gave Polly some much needed attention.  Then I went back to bed and dozed off when Belle latched on.  I didn't wake up again until ten-thirty.  Belle woke up after eleven.  We missed our usual errand.  Interestingly enough, I answered the question, "What would happen if...I went back to higher end, natural grocery shopping?" before I went to bed after three AM.  No wonder I ended up missing my now usual food run!

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