Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scenes from Mama Alameda

I see more intuitive healers and readers promoting themselves in Alameda lately.  A store front psychic with a neon sign has even opened down the street. When I introduced myself as such in previous years, I had to practically leave the cafes, parties and stores where I gave readings, running.  Now it's out in the open.

I am still a hypnotherapist and intuitive life coach.  I aim for an internet radio show as well.  Here's praying Belle, Krishna and Polly ground and motivate me to launch and thrive.  I failed at this before without any support.  I drank and fooled around to cope with the lack of career success, familial love and peer support.  I can do this.

I also see more fashionable women.  Women didn't always dress well when I first moved here in May 2007.  They dressed like they didn't care.  Some people were being outwardly hostile toward me for daring to dress well and go out .  Now I chase after Belle in seasons old clothes while so many look so good.

In other news, I feel my immune system may have finally given me whatever I need to live and breathe with two cats.  My skin is still reactive in spots, nothing severe.  That smear of eczema behind one finger came after the first night we played with finger paints, about ten days before Krishna came.  I am healing.

I separated the wobbly wooden bookshelves downstairs after sensing it might prove hazardous to Belle or the cats.  Two bookcases became four sets of three shelves on legs.  Cooking and entertaining books are downstairs.  I alphabetized and shelved fiction "A-L" upstairs before running out of shelves.  

I found white metal "over the toilet" storage on Freecycle.  I am only able to use the top shelf to hold spare toilet paper at this time.  Belle accesses the bottom and middle shelves by climbing the closed toilet lid.  I might be able to store baby wipes if I can keep her out of them.    Such is life!

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