Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cooking with Coconut Cream!

Belle and I annihilated a pound cake I baked within hours of eating the first slice.  Belle tripped and dropped the cake pan trying to bring it to me for a second slice.  I took some risks baking this cake.  For starters, the Betty Crocker cake mix "expired" last September.  I didn't want to use my butter on an unsure thing.  I used fatty coconut cream instead.  I also used low fat yogurt instead of the water or milk the recipe called for.  I added chocolate chips, freshly grated ginger and spices to give the cake some pizzazz.  Once baked, I squeezed the juice of one orange on top of the pound cake and sprinkled it with powdered sugar.  What a success!

I used some of the leftover coconut cream in a pumpkin pasta dish.  I didn't like Trader Joe's chicken asada meal once I nuked it.  I diced up the chicken breast and added it to a pan of sauteed red onion and let it simmer in four cups of water for twenty minutes.  Then I added dry spaghetti and a generous bowlful of frozen collard greens.  I added a fifteen ounce can of pumpkin and several dollops of coconut cream when the pasta finished cooking.  Belle added whatever spices she could crush with a mortar and pestle while I wasn't looking.  Of course I had to finish crushing the spices because she didn't really know how.  This tasted amazing.  I uncharacteristically added more sea salt to taste because it needed it.  I also used lots of cinnamon.

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