Monday, March 3, 2014


Now we have a tabby cat called KrisKat, originally named Chris.  He is six years old.  We got him off Freecycle.  His owners had to find a new home for him by tonight, lest he be taken to the pound.  I answered the listing an hour after it was posted.  I quickly threw a five-card Lenormand spread for guidance.  I didn't get anywhere with my reading.  I just had to chance it.

Chris is now hiding under my bed.  I had planned on keeping him in his carrier and allowing him to emerge on his own, per the suggestion of his former owners, but Belle couldn't wait.  She started pushing toilet paper into his carrier before I could stop her.  I guess she thought she was feeding him.  Chris didn't mind coming out and exploring his new home though.  He seems nice.

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