Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinner guest loved cats

Dinner guest loved cats.  I remember him saying, "Belle needs a cat" during one of many nights when we couldn't get Belle to sleep or distract her long enough to be alone.  Now Belle has a cat and I no longer have a dinner guest.

I didn't take the cat in because of the former dinner guest.  I took the cat because he was healthy and I didn't need to jump through hoops to adopt him.  Maybe dinner guest and I would be bonding over cats now had I not presented myself as dessert.

My decision to bond intimately with dinner guest wasn't a decision I took lightly.  I knew he was a "special occasion, non-returnable item."  I made an investment and lost.  My heart hurts because it ended suddenly and with false rumors I can't clear up at this time.

I wish dinner guest could meet Krishna.  My friend Justine met Krishna his second night here.  We had fun that night.  The mood in the house has brightened.  Suddenly I am a cat person who likes lilies (Dinner guest gave me a bouquet with lilies for Valentine's Day, the last night we met.).

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