Monday, April 1, 2013


I scored highest on "Service, Professional," "Education and Social Service" and "Social Artistic Enterprising" on a trio of career assessment tests I took at home over the weekend. 

Ideal careers include:

  1. Minister
  2. Teacher
  3. Counselor
  4. Career or Guidance counselor
  5. Marriage and Family Therapist
  6. Case or Social Worker
  7. Child/Day Care
  8. Principal/Dean of Students
  9. Coach in any specialty (Art, athletic, drama, health, life, etc.)
  10. Rehabilitation or Substance Abuse counselor
I would imagine that hypnotherapy, which I am already trained in, files under these categories, as does life coaching and spiritual mentoring.  Interestingly enough, I am Reverend Kea, even if through an online program.  I am very interested in marriage, partnerships and other relationships and have moved those books downstairs where I can see them.  I am on the right track, and I have always been on the right track, only surrounded by the wrong people.

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