Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Belle and I enjoyed a productive work day.  She sorted cereal and crackers in the pantry while I conducted a reading with a client in the living room.  The oracles I used instead of tarot proved challenging in their simplicity, especially for the client.  The Ego wants things more complicated than what they really are.  Personally, I liked delivering more empowering messages with these oracles without being predictive.  It is up to the client to make good use of it.

I pulled Belle out of the pantry and dressed her for the warm weather.  We deposited our earnings and immediately paid them out for gas and electric.  Then we went to the park.  Belle played with a blonde Mexican child with a mouth full of metal teeth.  She rejected his offer of potato chip.  The children played together with a small dog belonging to the boy's family.  Belle smiled and laughed and tried to hug the dog.  Belle later turned her affections to another toddler girl, trying in vain to hug her.  Apparently, the child has a history of hitting huggers, just not Belle.  When the girl wouldn't hug back, Belle ate sand.

I carried a filthy Belle, kicking and squealing, away from her sand heap.  I managed to tuck her back into her carrier but not without effort.  We checked out TMix, a new tea house in Neptune Plaza, on our walk home.  We shared an ice cold mango milk tea without boba bubbles.  I thought of the child with the metal teeth, an obvious result of tooth decay (Cereal in a bottle, perhaps?) and resolved to make teeth brushing of top priority.  I felt much better when Belle turned away from the sugary drink and started hugging trees.  Of course that meant we had to pause at every trunk, feel every leaf and smell every rose.  That's life with a toddler, I guess.

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