Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I learned of Garrett's death on the morning before the marketing class in my hypnotherapy program.  I missed the class and never made it up.  I completed the program, earned the certifications and quickly enrolled in a distance learning course for holistic health.  I wanted more cache with my clients if ever anyone needed hypnosis for weight control.  I liked my studies.  I had a vision for myself

My great-aunt Clara phoned that Winter, certain the end was near.  I had sold my property in L.A. and moved to Alameda before I knew it.  Nothing made sense once I located my books again.  I silently dropped out of the program (The school has since folded.), lost interest in hypnosis completely and wondered what next. 

I threw myself into nightlife and attempted a career in event planning and public relations.  I successfully managed a women's group, published a column and even attracted a major media opportunity.  When the community manager position for Yelp East Bay became available, I seriously considered applying.  I spent the three weeks before Belle was born feverishly polishing writing samples, hoping I would win a freelance writing contract.

I am returning to hypnosis and life coaching, another vocation I trained for the Winter before Garrett died.  I have done intuitive life coaching and spiritual mentoring all along, mostly using tarot and other tools, not in fortune telling, but to help clients identify blockages to transformation.  The challenge involves attracting clients ready to change and willing to do the work.  I have a dream hypnosis client in mind. 


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