Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I found nine glasses under a stained glass window when I tithed to our church.  The Nine of Cups is a beautiful and welcome sign of abundance bestowed by expansive Jupiter.  Belle and I love and deserve blessings and fortune.  We are grateful and humble.

I am slowly moving away from the tarot on the insistence of a spiritual mentor.  When recently asked to conduct a tarot reading, I deliberated until Belle unearthed a deck of a higher vibration than usual.  I am now using Motherpeace, Tarot of the Ages, Voyager and World Spirit because these decks, and a few others, are more in alignment with where I am at present.  Mentor said drop it completely and use other tools.  What to do?

Tarot often attracts drifters and other needy types who jump from reader to reader, rarely taking necessary steps toward change.  It doesn't help that this service is often under priced, if priced at all, to better serve the under served.  I see now why lower vibrations hang on and stagnate.  I hear this on psychic shows on internet radio.  The same people call with the same issues, seeking free advice from various show hosts and guests.  Some of it is fake.  My mentor gave me some tips and a price point.  Things are looking up.

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