Friday, April 12, 2013

Dreams and signs

I dreamed one of my cousins moved nearby.  She moved here in mourning.  This mourning period brought our family together.  We made a united front for Belle.  We all felt such joy celebrating Belle.  Strange dream, especially the mourning aspect, but I took this joy with me into my waking life.

I used the eye shadow and lipstick (a mauve with 'Hope' in the title) Belle handed me and ventured out to a café in another neighbourhood.  Belle spied a pastry on a bachelor's table and ate the entire thing.  The bachelor turned out to be kid friendly, Greek and very familiar with Candomble, having spent much time in Brazil.  While I do not practice Candomble, I still revere The Orishas.  This is significant.

Aphrodite (Belle's middle name), the Greek bachelor and I had a wonderful afternoon.  He'd shared with me a stock he'd made from bone broth, black beans, spices and a hint of dark chocolate.  We drank this dark and savory liquid like espresso.  It tasted delicious and soul satisfying, a perfect accompaniment to a highly spiritual conversation. 

We all went for a walk around the island later.  I found at least twenty pennies in one spot during our walk, all of which I scooped up and kept in my right palm.  When a needy man asked me for spare change, I handed him every penny without hesitation.  On the way home, I found a cluster of sun-bleached baseball cards.  The bachelor asked, "I wonder what you'll find next?"  I wonder that too.

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