Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 miles

Belle crashed by seven pm last night, slept twelve hours and woke me before the alarm sounded this morning.  We made our Thursday morning food run with Belle seated in her push chair for a change.  I tucked the frozen foods into an insulated bag so Belle could play in a playground on our way home.  Belle tired herself out playing and napped in the push chair.  She stayed asleep long enough for me to put our food away at home and go back out.  I pushed a sleeping Belle to the Bosnian market for a coffee and some light shopping (Mmm.  Lane biscuits.).  I had planned to take my coffee over to the new halal and shop uninterrupted until a fire truck woke Belle up.  This didn't stop me from browsing every aisle and carefully weighing every prospective purchase at the halal, where I bought ghee and kefir cheese.

We were down to one roll of toilet paper and three training pants once we settled in at home.  I plopped Belle back into her push chair and set off to Target for paper goods.  I bought myself a new sleeping bonnet and a tooth brush.  I bought the house sunflowers we'll plant.  I bought Belle a tiara to compliment the tutu and wand I bought her on Monday (only $5.00 for the whole set!!!!) and a set of four tooth brushes with Peanuts characters stamped onto them.  Belle opened her new tooth brushes as soon as we came home and promptly lost the green one.  In need of a rest after walking six miles today, I soldiered on by playing ball and blowing bubbles with Belle after our early evening meal of warm Bosnian bread and my homemade chicken soup.  We soaked the day's grime away in a warm bubble bath, after which Belle  nursed to sleep. What a day!  At least we have everything we need for the foreseeable future.  I'll figure out the rest.

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