Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Done with boxed cereal!

I have given away fifteen boxes of breakfast cereal.  Belle doesn't really care for cold breakfast cereal.  These unopened boxes of cereal had occupied the highest shelf for months until I realised I needed to clear some space in the pantry.  I thought I might keep some and give some away until Belle recognized a familiar yellow box sitting out on a counter.  Milk and cereal soon lined the kitchen floor, with dry cereal crushed into the upstairs carpet.  I knew the vacuum would eat more cereal than Belle ever could.  I gave three Alameda Freecycle families five boxes each.  I am keeping brown rice, grits, oats and white rice as healthy savory options.

Belle ate goat cheese (overeaten as a complete afternoon meal) and spaghetti with homemade white sauce for dinner.  She also ate an orange and just a bite of bratwurst.  She drank water diluted grape juice, red and white, and cow's milk.  She refused beans and rice, bread and tortillas.  I refused to bake brownies and shortbread from mixes she found in the pantry.  While I am tempted to claim chocolate Easter bunnies from another Freecycler, I better not.  I will re-arrange our pantry again so Belle can find food she likes.  I want to hire someone to clean up our back yard.  I also want a tower garden.

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