Monday, April 14, 2014

Friskies: It's what these cats know.

I will stick with Friskies pate for the cats for now.  It's what these cats know.  The ingredients don't vary from nearly everything else I have looked at, and I have exhausted myself reading labels both in person and online.  I have actually seen worse ingredients for more money (a 24 can variety pack of Friskies Classic Pate costs $10.99 at Target!  Lucky's is selling another brand's variety pack for who cares how much because it contains wheat gluten.  Wheat gluten.).  Friskies just contains rice farther down on the list.  Similarly, Iams contains rice flour.  I best steer clear of wheat gluten and corn thouggh.

Iams pate variety packs are currently out of stock at my nearest Target.  I may still get a couple cans of Salmon to keep it interesting.  Polly had no qualms eating Sheba (I bought two cans of chicken for $0.52 each at Target and got a third can of mixed grill free just to try.).  Krishna, on the other hand, didn't seem to care for Sheba.  Walgreens currently has five cans of Sheba on sale for $3.00, eight cents more than Target.  Good to know!  I like to see what's available where, from the discount markets to mass market retailers, just to see what's out there.  I have read great things about Trader Joe's canned food too (Budget friendly and grain free).  Maybe when this lot runs low.

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