Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The hypnotist

I have Scorpio North Node in my tenth house of career and public life.  Scorpio North node is "the detective" or "the hypnotist."  Pluto rules Scorpio.  I have Pluto [in Libra] in my ninth house.  Pluto in the ninth house, per Astroscoped, has "a natural ability to promote powerful causes, to take philosophical, social and religious beliefs and place them in the public arena through publishing, broadcasting or political protest."

I have always felt urged to write a book.  I spent significant portions of my childhood and teen years getting myself onto radio talk shows, handwriting my homemade books and recording myself on cassette tape as if I were broadcasting.  I became a hypnotherapist and an ordained minister as an adult.  I also became an intuitive tarot reader.  I am meant for the world stage.  How can I be of service on a grand scale?

I need a powerful cause.  Yesterday I learned of an opportunity to help educate others about baby and child health products as a brand ambassador.  Brand ambassador.  There might be something to this.

My Libra Midheaven (Midheaven represents career) wants "a career in communications, technology, or a field that requires strong people skills," per Mapping Your Travels and Relocation.  I am a highly competent makeup artist (I mean cosmetics!  Makeup means different things to different people.  While I know I mean cosmetic application, someone else might think I mean something vague that has to do with making myself over emotionally or something weird.  I have had that reaction before.).  Makeup artistry, hair grooming and wardrobe styling fulfill my Libran need for aesthetics.  I miss playing with makeup.  An artistic vocation such as makeup artistry wouldn't stimulate me entirely.

My Scorpio North Node wants work that triggers healing and transformation in others.  That's where Libra's scale shifts.  Libra Midheaven also breeds counselors, consultants and therapists, in addition to artists.  Marriage and family therapy comes to mind.  Hypnotherapy.  The healing arts.  Pluto conjuncts Midheaven in my natal chart.  Belle is a great motivator as I pursue my ambitions, those ambitions being closely tied to psychology and psychic matters.

Tenth house Scorpio North Node...the hypnotist...Libra Midheaven...hypnotherapist..Eighth house Saturn...self-mastery and self-control...stop drinking...stop smoking...end bad habits...end sexual blockages...Ninth house Pluto...dig deeper...find meaning of life...Tenth house a professional revolution...Tenth house Scorpio North Node...the hypnotist...I MUST pursue my passion with confidence despite it all.  I know no other path, nor should I.

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