Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Toddler day shopping/date night

The elastic in my tube top busted as I hoisted Belle into a shopping cart in the middle of Discount City.  I had already mentally committed to obtaining all of the things on a shopping list I had spent several nights writing and revising.  I tied the top of the fallen dress into a knot and draped my sweater over it.  I still had to finish my shopping and carry it home, all while wrangling a curious toddler and an old, tattered dress.  The knot actually came undone in the parking lot, exposing me to someone in a white van.  I just fixed it and kept going.  I triumphed ultimately despite the sagging dress and the child grabbing at everything on the shelves.  I had a long walk home with bags full of cooking oil, vinegar and such.  The mom I met on my walk made things interesting.

I changed out of the ruined dress at home and into a tank and skirt.  I plopped Belle into her push chair and headed straight to Walgreens.  We needed face and body cleansers and moisturizers not found at a discount store (although I did find an apricot scrub today with ingredients I agreed with).  I took advantage of all advertised specials and made very sound purchases.  While I had also intended to buy a one hundred count box of Lipton tea bags for $2.99, I opted instead for a loose leaf orange pekoe I found in the Middle Eastern foods at Discount City for a dollar more.  Coincidentally, a halal has just opened up on the main drag.  It joins many exciting cultural foods found at Discount City and those found at the Bosnian market.

Belle and I came home long enough to drop off the skin care and change pants.  We headed back out to enjoy happy hour on the sunny patio of our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We shared steak fries, which are like nachos, except with crinkle cut fries instead of chips.  Belle seemed to only eat sour cream and cheese sauce.  She refused the steak.  I had three beers.  We walked over to the Bosnian market after dinner, where we shared three lollipops while seated in their sunny window.  I bought my bag of coffee there, choosing a Bosnian brand (Or is it Croatian?) for a cultural exchange over what I had planned to buy at a supermarket. We ended our dinner date night with an ice cream cookie sandwich we split between us.  One of the shop girls took Belle's picture.

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