Thursday, April 3, 2014

Litter box guffaw

I feel I have become allergic to the Jonny Cat litter Krishna came with.  I find it quite dusty.  I have since replaced it with Worlds Best Cat Litter.  Polly came with Tidy Cats.  While I don't notice dust coming from Tidy Cats like I did Jonny Cat, I want to change it anyway.  Sneezing and wheezing aren't fun.


I goofed up Krishna's litter box.

Krishna's previous owners had given us a partial bag of Jonny Cat traditional litter.  I didn't know that litter isn't formulated for daily scooping and should be replaced weekly.  No wonder it rarely clumped, if ever.  I mishandled the litter by assuming all litters were created equally.  Misinformation took a serious toll on my respiratory health and Belle's.   I feel fabulous after dumping it!

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