Monday, April 14, 2014

Made groceries

We ended up buying the cats two boxes of Friskies Classic Pate (forty-eight cans!!!) at Target, and earned a six ounce bag of Party Mix treats for free.  Belle got six tubes of bath tub finger paints (Buy two and get one free!) and an assortment of sidewalk chalk in bold colors.  I got a lip balm, shower gel and a bottle of wine.  The house got strawberries and lucky clovers we'll plant.  There were more mundane purchases, like hand soap and toilet bowl cleaner, but I'll spare the details.  We ultimately ran out of room in the storage basket beneath the pushchair before we finished the list.  We'll make a return trip to Target on or after Wednesday, with a stop at the discount stores and the supermarket.  Looks like I forgot to price check Belle's beloved yogurt tubes and cheese.  Ugh!

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