Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Polly's short outing

Polly, our downstairs cat, got out when I refused to serve Belle sweets.  Belle had eaten cake, candy, cupcakes, ice cream, juice and soda on Easter Sunday.  I, therefore, found cupcakes for this morning's breakfast extreme.  I also found extra helpings of cheese and yogurt extreme, especially since Belle had access to a variety of foods in addition to the cheese and yogurt she'd already eaten.  I denied Belle these foods and she hit me very hard with heavy objects thrown against my head and foot.

Polly may have gotten out during my race to rush Belle away from the offending foods and out of the house.  If Polly didn't get out then, she got out when I allowed Belle to sit out in the backyard with the back door open.  I closed my bedroom door on Krishna when I finally became aware of Polly missing, with hope Polly might walk back in through an open front or back door (I closed the door on Krishna so he wouldn't get out.).  Of course Belle kept closing the doors, making a search impossible.  I eventually pulled myself together and took Belle on a walk through the neighborhood to search for Polly.

Desperate times led to a card reading on the issue and a mediumship reading on a psychic talk show. Ultimately, I left both porch lights on and food at the door to lure Polly in.  I heard her meow in the backyard where the light didn't shine.  I braved the darkness and the weeds to pull Polly back inside.  Belle kissed Polly as soon as I brought her back in.  It took Polly a while to warm up to being inside again.  She has used her box but has eaten the bare medium of dry or wet food.  I am glad she is back.

Belle grabbed the entire container of cheese cubes and ate cheese while watching Polly clean herself on the couch.  I grabbed the container and used some cheese to make quesadillas we could share.  I wanted to eat cheese too.  I know how to eat today's portion and save some for tomorrow.  Belle's instincts tell her to overeat cheese and yogurt, even if it means spitting out chewed food, throwing it at me, playing with or wearing the food on her body or clothes.  This isn't conducive to how I ration or serve food. 

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