Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wet cat food

The alarm is set for an early morning food run.  Belle went down just after midnight, dressed in the long sleeved onesie I have designated for our outing.  Meanwhile, I am up researching wet cat food.  Krishna and Polly were both offered a third of a can of Friskies with their dinner.  Both cats ate a significant portion of their wet food.  I had been hesitant in serving wet food because (1) Krishna's birth family couldn't get him to enjoy wet food and (2) Polly wouldn't eat her wet food in her first weeks here, despite her foster mom's success in feeding wet food.  Now it's obvious they both love it, and we are running low.

Polly is used to eating Friskies canned food.  Our nearest discount store sells Friskies for $0.79 a can.  Target sells Friskies Variety packs:  32 cans of assorted seafood for $14.79, 24 cans of assorted pate for $10.99, etc.   While the cats enjoy eating this brand, I see it contains artificial flavors and colors in some cases.  Target also sells Sheba Premium for $0.52 a can.  Sheba Premium is fake dye and fake flavor free and grain and gluten free.  I would like the cats to like Sheba Premium.  Will they eat this if I serve it?  

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